Vivienne Westwood

Creating a new architectural image for a brand like Vivienne Westwood, has meant entering the heart of an icon, bringing its DNA, values, visions, becoming its interpreter to create winning solutions for the global success of the brand.
Three images were born that have dressed the brand in all its business areas: the Vivienne Westwood Cafè, the Boutiques and the Showrooms.

The first Flagship store was inaugurated in Rue Saint Honoré, the heart of the Parisian fashion district, with a 350 sq m boutique, followed by that of NY on 55th street, between 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue.
Both boutiques follow the new concept created with the architect Simona Franci, Partner and Design Director at Fortebis, who is the designer also of the Vivienne Westwood Cafè, opened in various Asian cities.

Uniquiness, simplicity, tradition, technique, industrial materials and sartorial solutions, combined with the iconic elements of the brand create welcoming, warm spaces, in a relaxed atmosphere in which the concept of elegance is deconstructed and returned through the combination of natural materials, rigorously eco-sustainable, through details, finishes and innovative solutions, creating unexpected and surprising scenographies.
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PROJECT Vivienne Westwood
LOCATION Paris, France – New York, Usa
YEAR 2018
PHOTO Vivienne Westwood – Piero Cruciatti