The design takes on colour


There are frequent cases in which a product acquires new life through its restyling, far fewer ones those keeping the innovation component of its original products intact. Among these latter case histories, in the bathroom sector there has recently been the example of Playone 85, the tap and mixer collection that Fir Italia has redesigned according to a decidedly minimalist idea.

If Playone 85 has become an icon of style thanks to the innovation concerning the lever position, extended out over the spout, completely adhering to the tap body and optically blending together, New Playone 90 has now an even thinner spout combined with a square body with more cleaner corners. The result is a unique tap and mixer collection, characterized by current, clean and essential geometries.

New Playone 90 is a complete restyling project, totally renewed in the colour range as well. As a matter of fact, as concerns the new taps and mixers and shower heads, it is possible to choose among the finishings from the wide and complete The Outfit range, which share a high aesthetic value and a high durability.

This is thanks to the combination of cutting-edge production processes, called ASP – Advanced Superfinish Process, with which they are made, a new and innovative technology that ensures superior aesthetics, guaranteed by sophisticated surface treatments giving the metal unique colours, tones and reflections. Unique and distinctive, like the recipe of every finishing: an important feature that also allows customized solutions.

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