The connecting corridor between the creative area and the administrative area is made of a green backlit fiberglass skin.
The project is generated around this space, and passing through this bright tunnel is enveloping and emotional. The structure is in dry-costruction and the assembly of wooden and metal elements generates the connection between the different operational areas.

In this project the designers were interested in the genesis of permeable, penetrable surfaces, where light and air can pass through, and do not clearly define a volume or a function.
They wanted to reach an inaccurate definition of what is outside and what is inside an element, working on the density of materials, on their properties. The same process for the green fiberglass corridor, goes also for the long bookcase in the creative area. This is built with a skeleton of iron bars.

The structure, made out of different layers, from some points of view appears as a volume, in others as a network of overlapping planes, which bring back altered images.
For further information, please visit www.blaarchitettura.it.

PROJECT Terowongan
ARCHITECTS Balance Architettura (Bla)
LOCATION Turin, Italy
YEAR 2020
LEAD DESIGNERS Alberto Lessan, Jacopo Bracco, Davide Minervini
PHOTO Beppe Giardino