Techbau headquartes

The Techbau company’s headquarters, overlooking the shores of Lake Maggiore, is an architecture in dialogue with the surrounding context. The building, elevated from the ground to avoid the risk of flooding, is a complex on “stilts”, giving the impression that it is floating on the lake. The structure is made of precast exposed concrete elements, with beams and columns arranged in a regular grid.

The spatial concept is based on the connection between inside and outside. The mirrored glass façades reflect the landscape and guarantee great transparency and relationship with the surrounding environment. The office space design allows great layout flexibility and ensures excellent work performance.

The use of natural and artificial light is carefully balanced, making all the spaces highly enjoyable.
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PROJECT Techbau headquartes
LOCATION Lago Maggiore, Italy
YEAR 2019
LEAD DESIGNERS Francesco Fresa, Germán Fuenmayor, Gino Garbellini, Monica Tricario
PHOTO Marcello Mariana