Sustano by Duravit

Sustano is the first recyclable shower tray made by Duravit from DuraSolid® Nature. In addition to a wide range of formats, this shower tray series is characterised by a flat, rimless design for flush installation with integrated flush drain cover. DuraSolid® Nature is the first recyclable mineral material that combines excellent properties such as low weight, easy adaptability and cutting to size on site, robustness, easy cleaning, pleasant to the touch, UV resistance and anti-slip properties in matt colours.

Duravit pursues a strong commitment to the environment, choosing to treat resources with respect and to provide particularly durable and sustainable products. “We live sustainability throughout our production chain, with a clear focus on respecting resources, combating water waste and social commitment. Our actions in all strategic areas are analysed and optimised from a sustainability perspective,” says CEO Stephan Tahy.

At the end of their useful life, Sustano shower trays made of DuraSolid® Nature can be returned to Duravit or to a local waste collection centre. The recycled materials can be reused to produce new shower trays or for industrial use, e.g. for the production of swivel bearings.

The surface of Sustano is non-porous and, in addition to being durable and easy to clean, creates an elegant finish and a pleasantly warm and gentle feel on the skin. In matt colours the surface appears velvety, in glossy white it is smooth. The series also convinces with its attractive price and six colours that allow for creative and individual bathroom design, especially in the case of renovation.

In fact, Sustano, with its extremely low height of only 30 mm, allows for flush installation even in renovations with a low screed. Alternatively, it can be mounted against the finished floor or partially recessed. Sustano also offers an unprecedented degree of flexibility: if required, shower trays can be shortened by 100 mm on each side and adapted on site. The low weight simplifies handling so that it can also be installed by one person.


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