INNOVA has always been very attentive to the renovation market and has developed STØNE, an avant-garde heat pump (design Luca Papini), designed specifically for all those contexts where perfect space management and a high level of aesthetics are among the essential elements of the project.
INNOVA’s STØNE heat pumps are high-tech solutions for climatic well-being that minimise their presence outdoors and can be installed in previously unthinkable contexts and ways.

In addition to their low aesthetic impact, INNOVA’s STØNE heat pumps are characterised both by their small installation footprint, which allows for unprecedented modular combinations, and by the high number of configurations available, making them the ideal solution for any project.
Thanks to their innovative design, STØNE heat pumps can be installed totally against the wall of the house (exposed version with vertical and/or horizontal delivery), completely or partially in the wall using the built-in or semi-recessed version or can be positioned in back-to-back mode to create true integrable modules with high performance and high power.
All components are tailor-made to achieve STØNE’s exceptional performance in efficiency, comfort and quietness which are unequivocally its key features.

The STØNE heat pumps can be managed through the BUTLER PRO web server, the innovative, simple and intuitive system, totally developed by INNOVA to manage locally and/or remotely the entire winter and summer air conditioning system, setting a weekly calendar with time bands, creating zone scenarios and modifying the settings to always have the right level of comfort in every room of the house.
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