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Somium by Monica Armani

Spanish property developer Somium, part of the Marjal real estate group and active in the luxury segment, recently commissioned Monica Armani to completely renovate its Alicante headquarters.
As part of a project that saw a complete redefinition of the spaces, with the aim of ensuring better usability and enjoyability, light and acoustic comfort played a key role.
Luceplan was selected as the exclusive partner for all the lighting, with the supply of both the recessed solutions and the sound-absorbing Diade and Silenzio suspensions, which bear the signature of Monica Armani.

Inaugurated in June 2019, the new interior design of the Somium headquarters reflects a key thought of the designer: “I thought of the SOMIUM space as an elegant and multifunctional place characterised by high acoustic comfort. I worked with backstage, curtains and the Silenzio and Diade sound-absorbing lamps I designed for Luceplan, elements “in the air” that give a strong character to the interior design“.

Luceplan has therefore been chosen as a lighting engineering partner, above all for its proven experience in the field of “all-in-one” solutions able to provide correct lighting and to study an intervention able to combine formal aspects with the essential need for acoustic comfort in all work environments, especially with a view to sharing on which the entire interior design is focused.

The Silenzio lamp is made with a series of acoustic materials combined with a high-end external fabric, synthesized in an object with a sophisticated design and high soundproofing properties. The sturdy metal structure supports the elegant cylinder covered in fabric with a grisaille effect texture like an elegant tailored jacket, of which Monica Armani has selected 22 colours in shades of grey, orange, green, blue, beige and lilac. The lamp combines a smooth external surface with a three-dimensional interior characterised by slight curves to obtain a double effect: softly mixing light and breaking sound waves.

Diade, at the same time, positioned in correspondence of the workstations, allows to recreate a protected environment, collected for each employee.
Diade suspensions combine optimal lighting with high levels of acoustic comfort. The two panels in sound-absorbing material can be positioned vertically or horizontally to create a backdrop or a large ceiling. The two solutions proposed solve in a unicum of light, sound absorption and the “ceiling” of the space, eliminating any false ceilings.  
The covering fabric is available in three colours and creates a particularly refined couture effect.
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Photo credit: CUL DE SAC