SMD project is a volumetric expansion and integral renewal of the interior spaces. The building is part of a complex of the 70s in brick, distributed on two levels, characterized by a traditional masonry structure. A volumetric increase allowed the addition of the kitchen area overlooking the garden.

The modern lines and the white colouring (total white) locate it within the contemporary panorama, standing out from the context while maintaining its coherence. The roof has also been entirely white.
Throughout the project, the aim has been to preserve and retune the existing building adding significant contemporary elements, creating a powerful new spatial narrative, charged with atmosphere and a seamless sense of place.

The minimal interiors are the protagonist of the space. On the ground floor, the original two rooms are converted into a single space- living room – embellished with a modern fireplace – while the kitchen is located in a new space that originally exteriors. The fireplace is a barycentric element of the living room: ideally separates the dining area and relaxation area.
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ARCHITECTS Sardarch – Tramas
LOCATION Rome, Italy
YEAR 2018
LEAD DESIGNERS Nicolò Fenu (Sardarch), Mauro Soddu (Tramas)
PHOTO Cédric Dasesson