Plantronics choose 3P Technologies for habitat soundscaping

Plantronics choose 3P Technologies as the Italian partner for the new Habitat Soundscaping solution, which, based on the biofilia principle, transforms open space offices into comfortable and qualitatively work areas, increasing concentration, productivity and reducing noise and distractions. Build an immersive experience!

HABITAT Soundscaping ™ is an intelligent management system that improves comfort in the workplace and transforms open space offices, notoriously noisy and highly distracting environments, into comfortable environments where people can concentrate, collaborate and improve their productivity.

The system uses sound and visual content, inspired by the concept of biophilia, managed through an intelligent software platform.
HABITAT Soundscaping ™ includes appropriately designed Hardware and Software components according to 3 guidelines:

 Audio inspired by nature: the low noise of Flowing water is the most effective natural sound for the masking of the human voice and for the creation of a comfortable working space.

• Natural images: Natural sound is combined with real Waterfalls inserted within the working space or as “digital windows” that represent bucolic landscapes.

• Intelligent software: the system reduces distractions by varying the natural sounds in the work areas in real time, in order to allow workers to stay focused. Furthermore, the system acts at a subconscious level, encouraging a correct acoustic behavior and bringing people to speak in a lower tone of voice.

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