Next Generation Living

Milano 3.0 is the new residential development signed by Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, which will rise in the heart of the naturalistic context of Milano 3. During the presentation of the “Next Generation Living” project, with representatives from DeA Capital Real Estate SGR, promoter of the initiative with the HighGarden Fund, Orion European Real Estate Fund V, the Fund’s primary investor, and Dils, advisor and business partner, architect Alfonso Femia revealed the elements that make Milano 3.0 unique.
The studio’s objective is to create a place capable of meeting contemporary living needs, thanks to the landscape context in which it is immersed and the numerous services that will be made available to residents, including a conciergerie, a locker room, a welcoming multifunctional area with a view of the lake, an indoor and outdoor gym, a play area for children, a space for aggregative activities, and rooms reserved for storing bicycles and pushchairs.

With the technical coordination of Starching, which is also responsible for the integrated design of the initiative, Milano 3.0 envisages the construction of six buildings for residential use, consisting of approximately 260 flats of different sizes overlooking the lake or the large surrounding park: the relationship between the residences and the landscape is, in fact, the project’s distinguishing element.
This aspect is also reflected in the choices made in terms of sustainability: the building will be in energy class A4, eco-compatible materials will be used and cutting-edge technologies will be employed to permit the use of energy from renewable sources, as well as the construction of recharging stations for electric cars and a pedestrian and bicycle path around the complex.
Also from the point of view of interior design, thanks to the collaboration with Milano Contract District and important partners, the Milano 3.0 project has been studied to guarantee an exclusive product with great attention to detail.
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