Moon Club

The creative collaboration between Formafatal and Machar & Teichman has resulted in the creation of the mysterious Moon Club in Dlouhá Street, a lively area of Prague.
Before being renovated, the club space housed the bank’s administration department, while today the club offers a fresh and unique take on the interior design typical of this urban area.

A glazed roof connects the club to the central area, presenting several difficulties in optimising the acoustics of the inner courtyard. The proposed solutions for the project included technical elements such as double-glazed skylights, soundproof walls and an insulating plaster.

Several areas were built over the original floor plan to meet the club’s needs. The cosy leisure areas, with comfortable seating and soft lighting, are set under the curved ceiling of the lobby, while the dance area is on the opposite side.
The central bar in the courtyard gallery offers an overview of the different areas of the club, from which you can either join one of the lounges or enjoy the atmosphere of the Alchemist Bar on the second floor.
The name Moon Club is a reference to the club’s thematic symbol, the moon and the mysticism that surrounds it in the mystery of the night.
The walls of the 740-square-metre club are covered with patinated paint, but there are also elements such as chrome metal plates, burnt dark wood, coloured antique mirrors, stucco wall decorations and velvet cushions decorated in various elegant colours. Also important are the different light sources of different intensities that emphasise the atmosphere.

The central bar features the silhouette of the moon and appears to float above the courtyard, while round chandeliers and metal pendants reflected in the glass ceiling create the effect of a starry night.

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ARCHITECT Formafatal, Machar&Teichman
LOCATION Dlouhá, Prague
YEAR 2019
PHOTO Jakub Skokan, Martin Tůma / BoysPlayNice