Metalli d’Autore Lighting Line: new shapes of light

Metalli d’Autore design Chandeliers and Lamps, do not simply light up every indoor living, but they furnish it with charm, through an original light embrace that captures every new look. Modern shapes exalted by sophisticated elegance, where precious and different materials, meet in an harmonious contamination.

Light RainNight BirdDandy Chandeliers and Sebastiana Lamp are part of Lighting Line.

Light Rain is made of architectural bronze and glass: a design innovative work, but by classic flavour and strong visual impact, that spreads light like weak rain, thanks to a dense cascade of shaded glass cylinders, Led illuminated.

Night Bird is in stainless steel and soft black leather: as a nocturnal and mysterious creature, this chandelier captures with its majestic structure shaped by thin light lines that illuminate a charming night darkness.

Instead Dandy has an elegant mirrored stainless steel spiral shape, with architectural bronze inside to let light brightly shine.

Sebastiana is in architectural bronze and methacrylate: equipped with two audio speakers and a USB socked, this lamp has a vertical structure and is embellished by red inserts that cover all in a refined verve.