Lyons Garden House

The program of Lyons Garden responds to a superior need: the holistic quest of full communion and interaction with the enveloping and traversing nature. The two interior volumes are connected by a passageway, which proposes a path full of contrasts and surprises: it is possible to contemplate the garden, the sea and some plays of shadows produced by the gray concrete and the red tepetate in complicity with the light.

This corridor leads to the stairs that head to a gazebo where you can contemplate the sky, the stars and the ocean. The residence has two bedrooms, bathrooms with interior gardens, a studio and a meditation area with ocean view. Due to a remarkable circular opening in the deck, the rain, the wind and the light are freely and fluidly integrated in this space.

A swimming lane integrates into the pool and operates as an alternative access to this area while it dilutes the limits between interior and exterior spaces. The features of the project provide a monumental yet light character at the same time; above all, they seek to generate experiences of connection and harmony between its inhabitants and nature.
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PROJECT Lyons Garden House
LOCATION Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico
YEAR 2019
LEAD ARCHITECTS Camilo Moreno Oliveros, Hector Campagna Oliveros, Daniel Moreno Ahuja
PHOTO Claudio Napolitano