Le Bellevue

Situated in a unique position on lake Geneva, Le Bellevue in Montreux is the restaurant of the Glion lnstitute of Higher Education, one ofthe world’s most inf1uential colleges in the field of Hospitality Management. This restaurant is designed to train the leaders oftomorrow in the hospitality industry but it also welcomes gourmet enthusiasts.
A location characterized by a strong historical reference: the name Le Bellevue is taken from the iconic hotel originally locateci in this XIX century building, recently renewed by architects Michel Gicquel and Natacha Froger.They have been able to wisely join contemporary details and iconic design furniture with the originai boiserie, while retaining that sense of Belle Époque that gives elegance and warmth to the whole setting. The stunning endless view of lake Geneva and the Alps merges with the environment through a wide glass wall serving as background while offering a dreamlike natural scenario with which Pedrali furniture harmonises beautifully.

Chairs and armchairs from Ester Collection, designed by Patrick Jouin, were selected for the restaurant. Characterized by elegance,ergonomyand functionalitythey fil I the setting with extreme sophistication. The soft and sinuous shapes, the attention to the detail of the die-casted alumimium legs and the absolute comfort assured by a seating made of polyurethane foam with elastic belts, contribute to make even more welcoming the restaurant dining room, and allow to fully contemplate a breathtaking scene, a priceless view ofthe Alps ref1ected in the water. Ester barstools are the key decor element ofthe bar.

Ester collection of seating is a mix of elegance, ergonomics and functionality. The attenti on to details is everywhere. The result is a precious monolith made of leather complemented by refined die-cast aluminium legs or centrai fourstar steel base, with or without castors. Seat made of polyurethane foam with elastic belts on a steel structure. The collection includes chair, armchair, stool and pouf.
Materials: seat in polyurethane foam on a steel structure; die-cast aluminium legs or centrai four-star steel base, with or without castors.
Finishes: upholstery in leather, simii leather or fabric; aluminium in nickel or brushed bronze finishes, antique brass or titanium.
For further information please visitwww.pedrali.it.