Lahofer Winery by CHYBIK + KRISTOF

The team CHYBIK  +  KRISTOF ARCHITECTS & URBAN DESIGNERS completed the design of the Lahofer Winery, a historic winery located in the Moravian countryside of Dobšice, Czech Republic.
The realization of the project has been given a contemporary character, which highlights the union between innovation in wine production processes and the tradition of the territory. The design of the winery was developed in symbiosis with the topography of the surrounding landscape rich in vineyards.
The architecture is divided into three distinct but interconnected structures: the building dedicated to wine production, the administrative headquarters of the winery, and the visitor and tasting centre.

To remind us of the archetypal cellars of the Moravian countryside, the Lahofer Winery presents a wine cellar characterised by a large vault that rests on arched beams.
The interior space reflects this shape and is in fact framed by a colonnade of vaulted beams, while on the outside there is an undulating roof which is used as an open-air amphitheatre for cultural and social events dedicated both to occasional visitors and local people.
The volume of the building rests on the surface of fertile soil, below which are three separate spaces.

The space below the concave roof of the amphitheatre opens up to a cellar defined by the typical ribbed construction of exposed arches.
The arches are made of reinforced concrete, and each of them is designed for a specific angle of the ceiling, while the distance between them is modulated by the distance between the rows of vines to achieve perfect visual symmetry and guide the eye towards the external vines.
The visitor centre is positioned to the south and has a large glass façade, naturally illuminating the space and opening the view to the external rows of vines.
Adjacent is the visitor centre, where guests are invited to taste the local products and taste the wines. The barrique cellar is made of materials such as cement, glass, and wood.
The entire ceiling covered by a mural painting is a tribute to contemporary Czech artist Patrik Hábl, whose recognisable elements are the irregular features ranging from earthy red to brown and beige shades reminiscent of the terroir and variety of colours of Moravian landscapes.
This structure brings together two rooms of different heights aligned with the outdoor terrain. In the first room there are functions such as wine production and spaces dedicated to employees, while in the second we find the wine press, the wine cellar, and the wine shop. The external courtyards serve as an operative area and the other as a terrace for guests.

Thanks to this design, the Lahofer Winery, previously used only for wine production, now becomes a place dedicated to the entire local and foreign community, who love wine and tradition, hosting cultural events, grape harvest celebrations and theatrical performances.

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PROJECT Lahofer Winery
LOCATION Dobšice, Czech Republic
YEAR 2019
PHOTO Alex Shoots Buildings, Laurian Ghinitoiu