La Casa che vorrei

The book LA CASA CHE VORREI (THE HOUSE THAT I’D LIKE) is the brainchild of Margherita Pincioni and Gianfranco Setzu, who asked 50 designers from all over Italy to describe their ideal home and to design its furnishing and decorative elements: objects that are actually produced or that perhaps only have a value as a personal story, but designed through their own style and technique.
The editors say: “We believe that design only makes sense when products are used on a daily basis, which is why we have created an activity book that invites you to photocopy the pages, making them larger or smaller, or to cut out the outlines of furniture directly, to put them together, mix them and glue them onto the sheets in the centre of the book, thus creating your ideal home“.

The book aims to tell a story about the new Italian design, individual and multi-faceted, that of creative people, designers and architects, who imagine and produce a new style of living, based on personal inspirations, concrete or imaginative productions, all converging in a contemporary lifestyle that is increasingly contaminated and vital.
“La casa che vorrei” proposes first of all a reflection on how books of and/or about design are made: drawing, play, irony, how designers think and start working. “La casa che vorrei” presents fifty designers and their way of designing, in an inventory of possibilities in a playful, infinite number of combinations. At the same time, it is a wide-ranging account of the way in which the design of a generation is declined. Certainly the home/the room is a reduced space, both physical and ideal for staging one’s own way of being a designer, yet because it is constrained and binding it can generate dazzling and powerful thoughts.

The 50 designers involved are: Alessandra Baldereschi, Alessandro Guerriero, Alessandro Zambelli, Antonio Aricò, Chiara Moreschi, Claudio Larcher and Manal Monassar, David Dolcini, Davide G. Aquini, Denis Guidone, Denis Guidone, David Larcher and Manal Monassar. Aquini, Denis Guidone, Denise Bonapace, Diego Grandi, Emilio Nanni, Federica Biasi, Federico Angi, Filippo Mambretti, Gabriele D’Angelo, Giacomo Moor, Gio Tirotto, Giorgio Biscaro, Giulio Iacchetti, Giuseppe Arezzi, Ilaria Innocenti, Ilaria Marelli, Joe Velluto, Leonardo Fortino, Lorenzo Damiani, Lorenzo Palmeri, Maddalena Casadei, Marco Barazzuoli, Maria Cristina Hamel, Mario Alessiani, Mario Scairato, Martinelli Venezia , Massimo Giacon, Matteo Di Ciommo, Matteo Ragni, Matteo Zorzenoni, Michela Catalano, Millim studio, Monica Casu, Paola Jannelli, Paolo Emilio Bellisario, Raffaella Mangiarotti, Sam Baron, Sara Ferrari, Serena Confalonieri, Simone Fanciullacci, Spalvieri & Del Ciotto, Tommaso Caldera, Tomoko Mizu / Introduction by ALBERTO BASSI.
The book is part of the calendar of upcoming presentations at the Nivola Museum in Orani (Nuoro). The first edition launch is published by Soter Editrice.