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Ibiza – Saint Peter Design District

Urban life in the Mexican city of Puebla becomes more dynamic thanks to the Ibiza project in the Saint Peter Design District, an intervention designed to generate expressive experiences for its inhabitants. Through the integration of three main sustainability criteria: community integration, environmental protection and economic growth, the project challenges the dehumanizing principles of contemporary real estate developments. 

Accompanied by diverse artistic expressions that serve as a pull factor, Ibiza Tower promotes a comprehensive model of an inclusive neighborhood that integrates with the existing urban space. The exterior is reminiscent of a mosaic made of triangular pieces of different colors that integrate with the building’s structural dynamism. 

The approach of the interior design of the apartments, challenges the traditional housing models. The living area is integrated with the kitchen and dining room overlooking the city. A compact environment, functional but with furniture wisely placed to give air to the environment. The goal is to create an alternative that promotes the well-being of the inhabitants of the space, reaching a maximum level of sophistication, as a result all apartments are different and incorporate various design elements that have been developed with the collaboration of local artisans. 

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Project: Saint Peter Design District / Ibiza
Architect: Proyecto Cafeina
Photo: Patrick Lopez, Guadalupe Tlatelpa