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Houses of Cards

A couple of dissonant private residences, one adjacent to the other, rise two floors above ground in a residential context, composed of anonymous single-family houses, all respectfully aligned.

The two residences both share the same structural solution, developed around an overlapping arrangement of twenty large granite slabs, connected by interlocking cuts and metal elements and composed together with similar slabs, made of colored concrete.
Additional partitions, in contrast to the hard structure, are made of wood. A solution that emerges vigorously in the dull urban context, also as a reaction to the monotonous urbanization.

The twofold result immediately shows itself as a fragment of a research, as can be read in the clear distinction that exists between one residence and another.
If the first house is the result of the experimentation of a scheme based on an orthogonal grid, a hypothesis that immediately revealed some structural limits, the parti of the second house relies on a radial matrix, which later turned out to be more performative.
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PROJECT Houses of Cards
ARCHITECTS Elastico Farm
LOCATION Torrazza Piemonte (TO), Italy
YEAR 2020
LEAD ARCHITECTS Stefano Pujatti, Valeria Brero, Serena Nano, Daniele Almondo, Andrea Rosada
PHOTO atelier XYZ