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Hotel Asmundo di Gisira

Asmundo di Gisira is a residence for travelers, housed in one of the eighteenth-century buildings of the splendid district of Piazza Mazzini, a few steps far from the Catania Cathedral.

The inspiring idea, based on myths and legends of the city, is achieved through the involvement of artisans and artists with miscellaneous backgrounds and consists in the implementation of a design idea which finds its communication vector in the symbolic value of the forms, giving the guests an authentic experience.

This is how the adventures of Colapesce, the events of Proserpina, the bravery of Uzeta, the love between Aci and Galatea, the magic of Eliodoro, the dreams of Billonia and the passion of Sant’Agata, come to life through the transposition of their stories in architecture, art and design.

The whole returns the narration in a material form, that suggestive dialogue of a symbolic nature that we call Myth.
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PROJECT Hotel Asmundo di Gisira
LOCATION Catania, Italy
YEAR 2017
LEAD DESIGNERS Valentina Giampiccolo, Giuseppe Minaldi
PHOTO Filippo Bamberghi