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From bars and pastry shops to restaurants and ice cream parlours, tableware and furniture. The entire Horeca universe will be meeting up for the 41st edition of HostMilano (at fieramilano, from 18 to 22 October 2019). The event is expected to draw over 2100 exhibitors from more than 50 countries and will be ideal vantage point to observe the latest technologies and product innovations up close and discover the trends of a world in continual evolution.

All this and more in a calendar packed with appointments sure to satisfy even the most demanding palates alongside a menu of hundreds of events of all kinds. In addition to national and international championships, cooking demos starring decorated chefs, the mouth-watering creations of pastry chefs and cake designers and the performances by the best baristas and bartenders, the booths and stands will be full of insights on the hottest themes of the day, from training and sustainability (in processes and layouts) to communications, sales techniques and the latest discoveries in formats.

Smart Label, Host Innovation awards innovation and design
State-of-the-art innovation and cutting-edge design is a key combination that could not be missing from an event that has earned a reputation for being the worldwide reference point for the entire hospitality sector. Smart Label, Host Innovation Award is the competition organised by Fiera Milano and HostMilano, in partnership with POLI. Design (Milan Polytechnic Consortium) and sponsored by ADI (the Italian Association for Industrial Design) to celebrate the elements that will shape the professional hospitality of the future. Over 150 awards and 20 special acknowledgements to leading players in the Italian and international hospitality industry have been handed out over the past three editions.
Again this year, the seven-member international jury of university professors, professionals and national and international experts with enormous experience in design, hospitality and energy saving will be voting the degree of innovation and the smartest solutions, including Italian star pastry chef Iginio Massari.
The panel will assess the candidate products, services and projects in light of several criteria, namely efficient functions of products and services, efficacy of products and ease of use of services, and innovative usability, technologies and benefits for users.
This year, 47 projects from the 214 applications submitted have been shortlisted in Smart Label category (for products characterised by innovative content), six in the Innovation category (for products that aimed at overcoming consolidated trends) and three in the Green Smart Label category (for products with distinctive eco-sustainability characteristics).
Within the Smart Label project, new in the 2019 edition of HostMilano are Design Talks, seven professional seminars providing updates for architects, experts and operators in the trade in a user-centric approach with a focus on digital transformation.

For the first time, “Pasticceria di lusso nel mondo by Iginio Massari”
All the secrets of Luxury Pastry in the Third Millennium. “Pasticceria di lusso nel mondo by Iginio Massari” is the name of the event that, under the supervision of the celebrated pastry chef will bring together cooking demos and talks (some starring the master himself), seminars and tasting events with twenty or so of the most important world names in patisserie. Everything will be absolutely live with the aim of showing how to communicate the current situation and future developments of luxury pastry in the 21st century.

Professional Catering – academy, debates and tastings
A team of professionals tuned to observe market changes and suggest scenarios and practical ideas to catering operators, large and small. They are the members of FCSI – Foodservice Consultants Society International, the association that is the byword for innovation worldwide and that once again has chosen HostMilano as the ideal stage to present what is new in the world of hospitality to professional visitors. The calendar will include presentations, workshops and roundtables on an array of topics, spanning from consulting and use of social media tools to new business opportunities in new markets, the organisation of major events, how to get the most from partnerships between customers and consultants, sustainability and Green Economy. A panel of national and international experts will be discussing key themes, such as “Food and Hospitality in the Future”.
Restaurant Engineering, subtitle “behind the scenes of the evolution of the hospitality world”, curated by APCI, the Professional Association of Italian Chefs will be the space dedicated to all aspects of catering to give voice to the leader of each sector, such as famous chefs, celebrity guests, institutional partners, cooking demos, tastings and debates.
Finally, the first Academy organised by FIC, the Italian Chefs Federation, will last for all five days of the exhibition. The designer kitchen created by the technical partners of FIC will host a packed programme of cooking demonstrations, videos and roundtables.

Panettone and bread in the centre of new baking trends
Bread, Panettone and much more. HostMilano is focusing on baking like never before with a series of events to celebrate a sector in strong expansion but which is also experiencing profound rethinking.
For instance, the Panettone World Championship is dedicated to the holiday sweet bread loaf that from being the symbol of Milan set out to conquer Italy and the world. The challenge is promoted by the Maestri del Lievito Madre (Sourdough Masters) with the goal of being an opportunity for specialised professionals from all over the world to meet and share their expertise. The best artisan Panettone in the world will be awarded to promote the excellence of Italian pastry making. Two panels – one technical of world-renowned Italian and international pastry chefs and one critical composed of journalists and gourmets – will be naming the winner.
Bread is the centre of new trends and innovations and will be the focus of the area organised by Associazione Panificatori di Confcommercio Milano Lodi Monza e Brianza. The area will host workshops with masters from various regions of Italy, each called to bring their own specialities and conferences on the hottest topics of the moment. Decorated chefs and experienced nutritionists will be coming together to address the health aspect of bread. While journalists and food bloggers from all over the world will be talking about bread on social networks, the Association will be exploring the issues and opportunities of the sector. Once again, FuoriHost events will be held outside the exhibition district to provide bread-making insights and an aperitif organised, not by chance, at the Casa del Pane in the picturesque setting of the former tollgates of Porta Venezia, home of the Association.
The traditional appointment with the European Pizza Championship, organised by Pizza e Pasta Italiana e Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli will be held in the area dedicated by Host to baking. Every two years, the time-honoured event brings together pizza makers from all over Europe for a two-day meeting dedicated to the most popular Italian dish interpreted and enjoyed worldwide.
Particularly noteworthy is the rich menu of cooking demos presented by the pasta makers of A. P. Pa. Fre. – Associazione Produttori Pasta Fresca della Piccola e Media Impresa, who will be presenting their tasty creations directly to spectators during all five days of the event.

Gelato Pasticceria – contests, galleries and marketing seminars
Two international competitions. Two stand-out world championships in the ice-cream and pastry fields are making a comeback to HostMilano, namely: the “Cake Designers World Championship” and the “World Trophy of Pastry, Ice Cream and Chocolate”, organised by FIPGC, the International Federation of Pastry, Ice Cream and Chocolate.
The range of events in the “Gelato Pasticceria” macro area will be complemented by an Art Gallery. Over 200 pastry masterpieces will be exhibited in the 200-square-metre area, which will double as the stage to see skilled Italian and international pastry chefs at work.
On the training front, Contest School is the name of the competition, organised among others by MIUR, the Italian Ministry for Teaching, University and Research, with demonstrations on the various aspects of pastry making and desserts. Last on the agenda are the “Pillole di Marketing” mini-lessons on marketing and communications for ice-cream and pastry makers at the Editrade stand. This interesting opportunity for professional development is open to all artisan pastry makers and this year will be broadcast live on Facebook through the social channels of the PuntoIT and PuntoITALY magazines.

Bars and Cafes – all the expressions of coffee take centre stage at Host
As rich as ever. In HostMilano, the packed menu of coffee-related events kicks off with TO COFFEE, curated by Andrej Godina and the Umami Area Association. During all five rounds of the event, the focus will be on supply chain sustainability as the key concept to be communicated and offered to consumers alongside the most current scenarios of innovation and the latest ideas on cross-contaminations between different worlds and product categories.
Another event not to be missed is the sixth edition of the Gran Premio della Caffetteria Italiana (Italian Coffee Bar Grand Prix), organised by AICAF and ALTOGA – Associazione Nazionale Torrefattori e Importatori di Caffè e Grossisti Alimentari, in which the best Italian baristas selected during the year will battle it out.
The two associations will also be organising the WORLD LATTE ART BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP at the ALTOGA stand in partnership with AICAF, in which the best Italian and international milk artists from over 10 countries will compete.
An itinerant event will move through various stands that have chosen to join in. Coffee Addition, organised by Gianni Cocco, Aicaf – Accademia Italiana Maestri del caffè – and ALTOGA – Associazione Nazionale Torrefattori e Importatori di Caffè e Grossisti Alimentari is its name. Through a series of presentations dedicated to professional operators, the spotlight will be on an original theme such as the relationship between mitigation and coffee beans.
Meanwhile, the FIPE – Federazione Italiana Pubblici esercizi stand will serve as the stage for professionals and experts taking part in FLAIR & MIXOLOGY h 24, a real bar counter with different areas to showcase the array of skills of baristas, bar staff and bartenders.
Training and entertainment in front of many national and international guests. Exploring the trends concerning natural products, vegetarian options, super foods and locally sourced ingredients, Mixer together with the magazine Planet One will be introducing “Gli aromi del Food & Beverage” at Host 2019, a space where to bring the attention of managers and customers to a new type of consumption linked to concepts of naturalness, well-being and awareness. The goal is to foster a genuine renaissance of the food & beverage concept.

Tableware, Furniture and Technology – FUTURBAR-REvolution is back
A workshop of positive values where to experiment with new paradigms of hospitality. Futurbar – HotelRevolution by Massimo Mussapi at HostMilano 2019 will suggest the founding values of a real Manifesto of New Hospitality through unexpected products, ideas and suggestions, aimed at redefining concepts such as luxury, low-cost, sharing, comfort, empathy and synergy with the territory. HotelRevolution will also inaugurate a new way of exhibiting. The products of the many important companies participating will be showcased individually to clearly present strengths and practical benefits.

Appointment in the Food-Technology Lounge
A space where to meet new people and catch up with old friends. The Food-Technology Lounge, organised by Anima and EFCEM Italia is the reference point for the Italian Food and HORECA technologies at Host 2019. It is a place where visitors are invited to discover the best food technologies of ANIMA Confindustria Meccanica Varia and EFCEM Italia (in addition to the synergies of the partners ICIM and Eurovent) and take part in a packed calendar of meetings with focus on technical and regulatory updates, business appointments and insights on market trends.

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