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A project that began in 2019, with the aim of creating a product with an innovative design and high performance, but which could also meet the aesthetic requirements typical of a market accustomed to the concept of beauty, such as the European and Italian markets in particular.
Its name comes from the Haori, the silk jackets worn by the Japanese over the kimono. With its unique, slightly rounded shape, this innovative Inverter air-conditioning unit features a fabric cover available in a wide range of exclusive Rubelli fabrics, offering numerous customisation possibilities, easily integrating with the other fabrics in the room, such as those of sofas, carpets, curtains and armchairs.

HAORI, born after two years of research by Toshiba‘s Design Centre, was awarded the prestigious iF Design Award 2021 for its elegant and essential lines. HAORI is easy to dress with the most suitable outfit: simply unroll the fabric in the desired pattern and, thanks to the Velcro on the back of the fabric, attach it to the curved front panel to create a piece of furniture that will become the centre of attention.

What’s striking about HAORI is its ability to blend pleasantly into interiors or, if necessary, to blend in. Interior designers, architects and end customers will find many sources of inspiration, and if the room is renovated, HAORI can easily change its appearance. Simply choose a new fabric and it will blend in with the new room aesthetic. In addition, the fabric covers are easy to clean and wash. There are two standard colours, Dark Grey and Light Grey, and four Rubelli fabrics available, ranging from the solid colours of the elegant Liverpool satin (15 colours) and the jacquard with iridescent effect Fiftyshades (19 colours) to the graphics of Beat (4 colours) and the geometric patterns of Thales (4 colours).

Using the environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, HAORI’s A+++/A+++ energy performance class guarantees the best efficiency for this type of product, even under part-load conditions.

Built-in Wi-Fi enables control of HAORI via the “Toshiba Home AC Control” APP, and full voice control thanks to compatibility with Google’s Home Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa voice recognition systems.

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