Green Office Enjoy

Green Office Enjoy is a special building in more ways than one. Built over a railway underpass, it is made largely of wood and produces more energy than it uses.

Its 17, 400 m2 of office space accommodate 1, 250 people, providing both an architectural experience and a user-friendly working environment with the latest technical features.

Unlike common or garden perimeter block developments, Green Office® ENJOY is a transparent building. Baumschlager Eberle Architekten and SCAPE have consciously revisited the street-facing design of traditional Paris buildings with their strict boundaries between private and public spheres. This is a boon for building users, who have an easy walk from the local metro station through the Martin Luther King Park to the courtyard and its views of the local surroundings.

Green Office Enjoy also occupies a special place within its local neighbourhood, where it marks the north-western entrance to a newly developed quarter and features its own exterior space, 15% of which is greened.

Built to positive-energy standards, it delivers optimum quality in technical, architectural and human terms.

PROJECT Green Office Enjoy Paris Batignolles
ARCHITECT Baumschlager Eberle Architekten Paris, Scape
LOCATION Paris, France
YEAR 2018
PHOTO Luc Boegly