gjG House

gjG House is one of the experimental geometric designed houses BLAF architecten is known for in Flanders and beyond. It is part of their research in sustainability and circulair building, exploring hybrid construction with a wooden inside and a brick outside.

The curved brick shell of the gjG house has multiple motives. First of all the house was to be built on a plot with trees: instead of cutting them, the house was shaped to fit in between them.
Secondly the shape of the shell allows it to be structurally autonomous.
The stability of the outer brick wall is not depending on cross walls, columns or beams, but merely on its form and the brick bonding.
Thirdly, the massive shell of the house contributes to the acoustic comfort on the inside.

The shell is made out of re-used bricks, creating a generic and timeless aesthetic. The shell supports the roof, together they form a ‘bell’, with a receptible interior space.
The infill of the bell is the house, made with steel and timber frame constructions, making three stories in one area and one open space in another area.
The inside of the shell is finished with the same re-used bricks.
For further information, please visit www.blaf.be.

ARCHITECTS Blaf architecten
LOCATION Gentbrugge, Belgium
YEAR 2017
PHOTO Stijn Bollaert