Giancarlo De Carlo e la Liguria

On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of architect and town planner Giancarlo De Carlo in 2019, the Regional Federation of Architects’ Associations PPC Liguria, the Professional Associations of Genoa, Imperia, La Spezia, Savona, and the OAGE Foundation, are promoting an exhibition on the projects developed in Liguria by architect Giancarlo De Carlo (Genoa 1919-Milan 2005): an itinerant documentary exhibition for the Region, designed to disseminate and inform architects and citizens about the town-planning plans and architecture that De Carlo designed for Ameglia, Sarzana, Bordighera, Genoa and Colletta di Castelbianco.

After the stop in Genoa and Sarzana, the exhibition now stops in the beautiful village of Colletta Castelbianco (SV). Completely abandoned, the village was brought back to life 20 years ago thanks to the project of Architect Giancarlo De Carlo, who carried out the accurate restoration. 20 years after the renovation of Colletta di Castelbianco and 100 years after the birth of the Architect who came up with this extraordinary and ambitious project, today the medieval village, unique in Liguria, hosts the stage of the exhibition on De Carlo’s Ligurian projects. Externally the village has maintained the appearance of the past, while the interiors have been equipped with the most modern technology, so much so that it was called the Telematic Village. The project has attracted both Italian and foreign buyers, thus developing an interesting multicultural community.

The open air exhibition set up in the streets of the village will open on Friday 25 September 2020 at 5 p.m. and will be open until 1 November 2020.
Speakers will include Valerio Scola (Mayor of Castelbianco), Vincenzo Ricotta (Colletta di Castelbianco recovery referent) Cinzia Bettella Montani (Administrator of the Condominio del Borgo), the President of the Order of Architects of Savona Giacomo Airaldi, the Cultural Commission referent Francesco Campidonico, the exhibition curator Emanuele Piccardo, also author of the book “Giancarlo De Carlo. The architect of Urbino”.
Norwegian architect Ole Wiig, curator of a recent book on the history of the recovery and restoration of Colletta di Castelbianco, was also invited.

4.30 pm Registration on site for covid purposes.
Open-air exhibition open to the public with a mask and maintaining safety distances of 1 m.
After the inauguration and the visit to the exhibition en plein air, a toast offered by the Scola Restaurant will follow.
For the evening a dinner with the theme “A tavola con De Carlo: Milano Genova Urbino” will be organised.
For further information and booking please contact the Order of Architects of Savona tel. 019 814878
secretariat 392 2317666, or the restaurant Scola 0182 77015