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Flower Power

Tulips, orchids, roses, camellias, daisies: colorful flowers, realistic or stylized, to make spring explode in the house. A splendid rain of coloured petals is the effect that will decorate the walls in every season, to have a breath of spring all year round.

One of the most classic trends is certainly the floral one and ceramic companies do not miss the opportunity to regularly propose collections dedicated to this trend – literally – evergreen. Floral ceramics can cover an infinite number of genres: from monochrome graphics, to smooth or embossed decorations, passing through the more classic and realistic motifs, to the more colorful and abstract ones. Re-enactment of the past and contemporary taste are the key words for floral tiles that never get boring, able to decorate floors and walls without weighing down the style of the room. The most classic ones refer to the Vietri tradition, characterized by timeless subjects such as cornucopias, still lifes, colorful flowers or compositions with lemons and pomegranates, unfailingly distinguished by the colors inspired by those of the Mediterranean.

The trendiest ones take inspiration from the most famous bouquets of the art world: the futurist dynamism, the liveliness of kinetic art, the romanticism typical of Impressionist nature, gardens composed of orderly plots of lines with an abstract flavor.
The history of fashion and design also influences the world of ceramics, with sinuous graphics, dreamlike shapes, bold colour combinations, evoking styles that have never really gone out of fashion.

A magical flora characterized by glittering corollas and explosive foliage, or by decorations that recall the world of nature, appealing to the laws of geometry; coverings that embellish the walls creating small colorful bouquets or that prevail over the environment with bold extended backgrounds: you are spoilt for choice.
From the softest to the most daring colours, from small tiles to large sizes, from vibrant, sophisticated brushstrokes to bold lines, from stylised graphics to real-life copies, the collections offer countless solutions for transforming walls and floors into imaginary gardens.