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“First work”. Padiglione IUAV by Davide Del Sante and Damiano Mazzocchini

A pavilion to demonstrate the quality and research of one of the leading universities and standard bearer of Italian architectural tradition. To mark its “open day” the Venice IUAV opened its doors to the public offering its students and undergraduates an interesting opportunity for growth as they became the real architects and leading characters in the construction of a “first work”.
The announcing of a call for ideas from within the University gave selected students the opportunity to touch and experience the different stages of design at first hand, from conception to implementation, an all-round teaching and training experience. The jury of Armando del Fabbro, Fernanda De Maio, Marco Ferrari, Antonella Gallo and Salvatore Russo identified the project that best fit into the intervention site and awarded credit for the work to Davide Del Sante and Damiano Mazzocchini. 

The temporary installation created in the garden of the Tolentini complex is a product made entirely of glass fibre and is in the form of a space circumscribed by interplays of light and shadow that is ideally suited to defining what will be identified and experienced as a place of welcome, meeting and exchange of ideas. 
The environment, delineated by the spacing of regular elements encloses a totally flexible area of about 60 square metres with the aim of offering various possibilities of use in anticipation of special occasions and events of various kinds. The event was created at the behest of the Principal Alberto Ferlenga and highlights the quality of a school that believes in the future and in young people and enhances their “internal energies” by cultivating them to the fullest.

ARCHITECT Davide Del Sante and Damiano Mazzocchini
LOCATION Venice, Italy
YEAR 2018
PHOTO Engie, Lorenzo Fabian