Spinelli A&G’s signature design meets the artistic fabrics of Élitis: the French Maison’s 2022 collections and co-created upholstered items are presented in the 5 Vie showroom on the occasion of the Fuorisalone

Transforming fabric into artistic expression, freeing it from its traditional monochromy: this was the spirit that guided the creation of the eight collections of Élitis 2022 fabrics that will be presented to the public in the Spinelli A&G showroom in the 5 Vie district. What will take shape inside the showroom will not only be an exhibition of the French Maison’s fabrics, but a true scenography created for this occasion: the iconic upholstered furniture by Spinelli will discover a new look, covered with Élitis fabrics.

A common thread unites the 8 collections: the reference to the world of architecture, looking both at old Italian palaces, brought to meet a new modernity, and at the modernist buildings in Milan created by Gio Ponti and Pietro Portaluppi. There is also no shortage of suggestions that wink at the overwhelming impudence and positive energy of the Memphis movement, expressed in the Milano and Alchimia collections.

Historical and contemporary architecture meet in the Craft Chic and Bellezza collections, while Ambienti explores depth and dimension through a refined and tactile language. Abstract lines and geometric shapes chase each other on the fabrics of Patina, and Monte Rosa, a collection inspired by nature, while Moda was born as an expression of the exploration of new craft techniques and ancient traditional knowledge applied to weaving and dyeing, such as ikat, a dyeing technique widespread among the Malaysian and Indonesian peoples.

Élitis’ continuous search for new artistic expressions thus meets the 60-year-long history of Spinelli A&G, the bearer of Como’s craftsmanship excellence in Milan.


Spinelli A & G | Via Gorani 7 | from 7 to 12 June | h 10-19

For more information visit: www.elitis.fr