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Ego Wine Bar

Iron, lacquered wood, gold, fabrics, brick, lime, ceramic are the materials that make up the new “rooms” of the Ego Wine Bar, creating totalizing and immersive environments with continuous experimentation. The blue room, with a retro but at the same time contemporary flavor, winks at the internationality and richness of material, with gold, velvets, boiserie, wallpaper and mirrors.

The black room becomes an experimental laboratory where the walls are stripped and the surfaces canceled by color, to become the perfect place for the light lover. The dosage of colors, lights and matter creates tensions which, in their balance, generate a comfortable environment, where time flows in harmony.
The black color joins the poor truth of brick, lime and iron, which are not hidden, and express their being in all sincerity.

These new environments complement the existing spaces, where has been designed a simple change of layout. The diversification of the rooms is linked to the choice of the client to be able to offer different environmental and tasting experiences.
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PROJECT Ego Wine Bar
ARCHITECTS NoLogo | architettura
LOCATION Romentino (NO), Italy
YEAR 2019
LEAD DESIGNERS Ruggero and Alessio Biondo
PHOTO Ruggero Biondo, Thomas Gambino, Luis Huayhuas