Cyber Security department

The nEmoGruppo architectural studio won the Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the Best Office Interior category with its design for the Cyber Security Department on the NYU campus in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
The project perfectly illustrated the new idea of work and research that governs university campuses in the third millennium: a sense of community, interaction and interdisciplinarity, without sacrificing individual needs.

Under the expert hand of architects Alessandra Barilaro, Giacomo Casalino, Luca del Cucco and Davide Gamba, Cyber Security has been given a new, open, transversal dimension, transforming the department into a large laboratory of ideas with over 80 workstations.
Co-working is the key word on which a continuous space of 1250 square metres has been generated, a modulation of internal partitions, finishes and custom-made furnishings perfectly in line with the concept of the structure, which fit stylistically into the context without altering its overall design.
The false ceiling has disappeared, leaving the systems visible, painted black to increase the sense of depth. The eye follows the maze of connections designed by the workstations, interconnected work islands which in the large volumes of the pavilions produce a seamless perspective. The need for comparison and contiguity has led the architectural studio to use glass surfaces as frames connecting the various workstations, where they even act as a shared blackboard for budding scientists, as well as occasional dividing elements between spaces, some of which, with the help of poufs, become ideal areas for informal meetings.
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PROJECT: Cyber Security, a department within NYU in Abu Dhabi.
STUDIO:nEmoGruppo architects
COLLABORATORS: Alessandra Barilaro, Giacomo Casalino, Luca Del Cucco, Davide Gamba
CONTRACTOR: Life Space Interiors
MEP: Accolade Engineering Consultants
CLIENT: New York University Abu Dhabi
PHOTO: Amr Kassem – Shuttercomm