Collector’s house

The project was created as an unconventional path that starts from the entrance and develops vertically towards the roof garden and the winter greenhouse.
The main character is the living space which has been treated as a single unique environment capable of passing from inside to outside without any interruption connected with the garden.

The collection of art works guided the choices and solutions of the architectural project, such as the positioning of Anish Kapoor’s work, or the central position of Olafur Eliasson’s mirror on tower where the internal elevator is located.

A careful study of the materials made possible to design the thresholds of the rooms as bronze castings and the creation of custom-made lampshades that recall the “liberty style” street lamps of Paris and they camouflage the columns present in the living area.

The entrance was the subject of a dedicated study: the powder pink silicate paint makes the walls sparkling while, on the ceiling, emerges a custom furniture project in wooden staves that represent, in section, the Rainbow Mountains. The generously lit vestibule manages to convey the same sensations as a naturally illuminated space.
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PROJECT Collector’s house
LOCATION Milan, Italy
YEAR 2016
LEAD DESIGNER Tomaso Piantini
PHOTO Andrea Fongo