The new Chromavis headquarters built on a greenfield site is a project by Eba Engineering s.r.l., by Ercole Barbati, and its interiors were designed by Milan-based architects Alessia Garibaldi and Marco Vigo.
The interiors and exteriors follow the same lines of strength and the structure follows oblique lines. The interiors are in perfect synchrony with the exteriors thanks to the harmony of the architectural inclination: what is inclined externally is also inclined internally.

The reception area is a large volume in which the black granite reception desk, made entirely by hand, emerges from the base in split marble treated with gold leaf.
The background wall, completely covered in black glass, becomes liquid and interactive, reflecting visitors and projecting the exterior into the interior.
The connecting volumes between the double-height floors, located at two points along the route, are characterised by oblique walls whose sculpted stairs cantilever out.

The executive offices and the various functional areas on two floors revolve around these volumes, the centre of a macrocosm from which bridges and connective paths depart.
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PROJECT Chromavis
LEAD DESIGNERS Alessia Garibaldi, Marco Vigo
LOCATION Offanengo (CR), Italy
YEAR 2020
PHOTO Giacomo Albo