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Modo Urbano + Arch. Silvia Allori – Casa SLB – Milano

Casa S+L+B

A small house in Milan designed directly by the owners, both architects. The layout was decided by Luca Romagnoli, founder of Modourbano, and the interior design was by Silvia Allori of Archivio Personale studio.
The internal surface area of the flat is very small, 70 square metres, considering that the requirement was to contain 2 rooms. This constraint led to choices dictated above all to satisfy functional needs, and working with completely custom-made furniture was an automatic consequence.

The flat has been completely overhauled, enlarging the living area as much as possible, characterised by the presence of a wall entirely equipped as a bookcase which incorporates the passage to the sleeping area. In the hallway, the blue colour conceals the doors, while the kitchen is screened by a textile door with magnetic closure and sliding on all sides to allow the room to be easily divided without sacrificing continuity.

The materials chosen have been selected to make the environment warm: okoumè phenolic plywood with its pinkish colour, mass-coloured stoneware floor tiles with the effect of Grè Greige, a stone very common in the exteriors of Milanese buildings, and wood with a gold-coloured grain for the rooms. The colours in the living area are nuances of beige and pastel pink, punctuated by the presence of blue in the hallway and black in the details.

The use of plaster cornices and rosettes, different for each room and made by Milanese craftsmen, enrich the ceilings. The warping of the wooden floorboards in the rooms is specially designed to create a carpet effect and a brass profile further delineates the perimeter. In the master bedroom, the laths rise vertically to create a continuum with the floor. The wallpaper in the room is specially designed and the curtains in all the windows are made of raw-cut linen.

In every room, solids and voids have become functional opportunities. In the living room, next to the kitchen, a niche treated with Okumè wood has been created to contain the TV and a hideaway drawer. In the bedrooms, wall volumes were added to straighten the walls and at the same time create supports. In the bathroom, the creation of a partition wall was enough to create space for a shower and a niche containing the washbasin.

The furnishings are few and belong to the history of design: Tizio lamp by Richard Sapper, Taraxacum by Castiglioni, Tizio Caio Sempronio by Archizoom, ceramic vases by Sottsass, stools by Martino Gamper and various accessories by Seletti wears TOILETPAPER.

Project: S+L+B House
Architects: Modourbano Architettura and Silvia Allori
Location: Milan
Contractors: Isegroup srl, Falegnameria Guerinoni
Supplies / Suppliers: Design Republic, Dooor
Photos: Federico Covre