Platform creates a unique and unprecedented event held in the prestigious setting of Scuola Grande di Ns. Signora di Misericordia. Form 22.05 to 22.08) at CasaPlatform@Venezia 2 Thematic Exhibitions will take place simultaneously with the involvement of 140 architecture studios.

Platform has chosen a very important location, where to base its presence as CasaPlatform@Venezia: Scuola Grande di Ns. Signora di Misericordia. Located in the Cannaregio district, at the end of the homonymous fondamenta, is an imposing building halfway between Ca’d’Oro and San Marcuola, just 15 minutes walk from Piazzale Roma or Rialto and 10 minutes from Fondamenta Nuove. It can accommodate more than 1000 people and is the only one that meets the requirements of recent anti Covid regulations, to be able to host events even with a large number of guests at the same time.
During this period, in conjunction with the Biennale, 2 Thematic Exhibitions will take place simultaneously with the involvement of a total of 140 architectural firms:

1_Best Italian Interior Design: an overview of the interior design, without geographical and typological limitations (residential, hospitality, retail, etc.), designed by Italian authors, through the selection of 70 projects, based on applications from all over Italy.

2_Best International Houses: an overview of living places in the world through the selection of 70 projects chosen by a scientific committee, based on applications from all over the world.

A dedicated publication will be created for each of the Exhibitions, in which the selected projects will be included. The publication will be made available to all visitors to the Exhibition and offered for sale on Amazon Books.
In addition to the Exhibitions, always in the majestic setting of Misercordia, the Platform Architecture Festival – a kermesse of speeches and lectures by international architects – will take place from 13th to 17th July 2021.
The whole Festival will host the 140 studios selected in the Exhibitions, thus animating a dense schedule of lectures, in which sponsors and the public of architects can participate as audience (event accredited by OA National).
The event will be filmed and broadcast on Platform digital platforms in order to give maximum visibility to all participants, architects and sponsors.




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To apply for a project please send 10 low resolution photos + descriptive text (ita + eng, or eng only) of 800 strokes, together with your contact details, to the following email address:
Applications can be accepted until 30 October 2020.