Casa FZ

The project realised by noLogo|architettura, an architecture and engineering studio based in Novara, was originally the result of superfects, i.e. it was a closed box that could not be expanded, where the only solution was a virtual expansion of the 250 square metres.

Two levels separate the living and sleeping areas. On the first, there is a succession of micro-environments that live either in continuity or autonomously, according to the needs of those who live in them at a particular time: the entrance hall (or sitting room), the TV lounge, the conversation room, the study and the bathroom; the pass-through dining room and the kitchen that interpenetrate one into the other and the secret pantry concealed by the woodwork.

The studio imagined the project as a flexible open space, where space can be created or denied by means of the glass curtains that slide, rotate, appear or disappear, creating different environments for different functions, which have also changed as a result of the new requirements of post-pandemic living.

noLogo|architecture has sought to transform weaknesses into strengths. The staircase becomes the visual fulcrum of connection and ideal union between the two levels. A contemporary sign in black stone and blades of light gives access to the sleeping area, where the master bedroom, walk-in wardrobe, home spa, gym, guest suite and service areas unfold.
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Project: House FZ
Studio: noLogo|architecture
Location: Novara, Italy