The CASA EC project is situated in a fairy-tale location, on the edge of a municipality in the Province of Sondrio, at the foot of the Orobian Alps and surrounded by meadows and forests.
The client dreamed of a single-family house that would take full advantage of the characteristics of the terrain, especially the view of the valley floor and the mountain landscape of the Rhaetian Alps.

The project consists of two repeating modules, so that architect Alfredo Vanotti of the EV + A lab design studio succeeded in giving order to the architectural composition: the entrance and connection “tunnels” have the same volume and flat roof, just as the living and sleeping quarters have the same volume but a single-pitched roof.
The differentiation between the roofs of the modules was also made to create a clear distinction between living spaces and service/passage spaces.

In order to have higher openings suitable for framing the landscape, the architect envisaged a single-slope roof resting on exposed reinforced concrete pillars for the living spaces.
To make the structure lighter, the pillars have been completed with carpentry elements which, in particular light conditions, make the roof appear almost suspended in the air.
From the entrance, characterised by a dimly lit room, one is driven by curiosity to discover the next space in the living area, and is surprised by strong natural light before moving on to the second tunnel where the light decreases. Lighting that increases again inside the bedrooms.
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Project: EC House
Studio: EV + A lab
Location: Province of Sondrio, Italy