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The Capsule module is the result of a collaboration between Manni Green Tech – part of the historic Veronese Manni Group -, the international architecture and design company Il Prisma and the design brand Lago. From the end of June, for six consecutive months, the innovative modular structure will stand alongside the buildings of the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena.
Capsule is the result of an off-site realization which, together with the transformable philosophy of the module, allows it to be easily integrated into the location, without interfering with it but rather making it even more liveable, rich and suggestive. Thanks to highly engineered solutions, the module’s construction and building site times are extremely short. The result is a dynamic yet durable and sustainable system.

Capsule is characterised above all by the security and independence of the module, as well as its ready-made design. The structure is in fact equipped with integrated systems and a series of sensors and IoT technologies that allow for the correct exchange of air, humidity control and room sanitation, as well as energy savings and greater use of natural light.

Winner of the Archiproducts Design Awards 2020, Capsule takes the concept of pre-assembled furniture to a new level, that of “Plug & Play”: connected to a building, Capsule is able to stimulate greater interaction with the location, transforming the building into an immersive and “mobile” space – like a futuristic ramp towards a complete multi-sensorial journey.
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