Botanica: Mario Trimarchi’s poem for Caimi Brevetti

“When you stand under the canopy of a big tree, which delicately filters the sun and delightfully colours shadows and lights, you bask in the silence of nature. I designed BOTANICA with this in mind, as a new sound-absorbing system for Caimi.”

Mario Trimarchi used this visual image while creating this new concept that has become part of the great collection of Snowsound sound-absorbing panels by Caimi Brevetti.

Botanica is composed of metal structures that recall long, slender branches and an abundance of soft, fabric covered leaves that achieve superior sound-absorbing performance thanks to Caimi’s research in acoustic design.

Botanica is available in three versions: wall, ceiling-mounted, free-standing.

“The branches climb slowly, precisely, along the walls and extend horizontally, invading on the space of the ceiling. The space created is a visually soothing and refined interior, which invites us to speak softly and enjoy the rhythm of our own heartbeat. Just like if we were under a tree” (Mario Trimarchi, 2018)

Snowsound technology represents the ideal solution for performance and flexibility in order to resolve any sound-related problems. But even more: the panels that belong to the Snowsound collection are true decorative elements and the new design, created by Mario Trimarchi, is its perfect representation.