Bemade by Antoniolupi

Bemade is the modular system born from the creativity of Carlo Colombo, who has been working with antoniolupi since 2003, the year in which the Materia collection was developed, followed by Pantarei in 2006 and Bespoke in 2016. A creative and propositional synergy that has developed systems and collections that are among the most appreciated in the international bathroom furnishing world. Bemade collection is the coherent evolution of Bespoke, one of antoniolupi’s bestsellers, from which it inherits the purity of form and compositional flexibility while respecting a rigorous and essential sign. The evolution consists precisely in the extremes of the concept of frame but also in the possibility of offering an even greater number of possibilities for customising the volumes to give identity to the space, to dialogue with the architectural elements that characterise the bathroom environment but not only.

Bemade furniture collection, in fact, was born in 2020, but has expanded over time, and now extends into every room of the house in which it fits with a rigorous yet sophisticated language. It is a coherent project that goes into every detail, an elegant and contemporary proposal in the perfect antoniolupi style. The new wardrobe columns carry all the characteristics of the original project, updating it in terms of dimensions and proportions and are perfect for furnishing bathrooms with style and elegance, but also bedrooms or living rooms. Clear volumes that draw domestic architectures on the wall made of balance, reflections, light and shadow. LED lighting defines the volumes of the shelves of the storage unit.


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