Assonanze by Friul Mosaic

Friul Mosaic‘s new 2022 project is called ASSONANZE and is the new collection of standard-size mosaic tiles with coded decors that can be combined with each other.Assonanze is developed by drawing inspiration from the minimalist design of the 1950s while keeping intact the attention and quality of execution typical of the company.

The principles of craftsmanship and uniqueness of its compositions are combined in this case with the search for modularity, typical of that period, to give life to an open collection design that while having a defined number of decorative and geometric elements, allows the creation of countless patterns.
Within the elements of the collection merge the uniqueness of the object, which by the nature of craftsmanship can never be perfectly identical to another, and the modular repeatability that allows the exploration of different compositional avenues. The mosaic tiles come in standard sizes and codified decors that can be combined with each other in different ways or juxtaposed with other decors that are part of the collection.

The idea of Friul Mosaic is to make easily accessible a product that often, from a technical and application point of view is seen as complicated and difficult to install. For this reason, the elements are designed individually already pre-assembled, as if they were tiles that can be installed simply, without complications of any kind.
Like all other Friul Mosaic products, the elements that make up the new collection can also be customized in terms of colors, materials and dimensions, while maintaining the characteristics of modular repeatability and quality craftsmanship. In this way, the designer is free to express his creativity to the fullest in the way that best suits the project. The result is a seamless surface that is personalized and unique, because each mosaic is an unrepeatable work of art.



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