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Assembly space occupies former living rooms on the second floor of the apartment building designed in the style of Northern Art Nouveau. A new inclusive art laboratory houses a discussion platform, an exhibition hall, a reading&coworking room as well as spaces for performative practices and contemporary dance. In the entrance area a self-service kitchen is placed.
Each zone is also a place for various activities. For example, the reading room combines both co-working with a permanent laboratory dedicated to the practice of translating texts on contemporary art.

In the dialogue with curators and the patron of Assembly, ZVON studio designed this space to be as flexible as possible in terms of navigation, functionality and usage. So, exhibition surfaces are also located in the entrance area and performance rooms, whereas the exhibition hall can serve as a platform for various events.
Assembly brings together famous artists and teenagers from foster families, performers and “laboratories of walking”, urban vegetation researchers and poets. A distinctive micro-environment and micro-climate is therefore created – both socially and spatially.

The existing brick walls are left partially visible (the old brick was sandblasted, covered with a colorless matt varnish), partially covered with a thick layer of plaster, painted. One of the brick walls with four openings required reinforcement, which was developed by the engineers. Several parts of these reinforcements are also left visible. The finishing layer of the floor in most rooms is polyurethane paint, and in the dancing hall – dancing linoleum. The ceiling is partly covered by wood fiber panels.
The furniture is designed in birch plywood, welded metal structures and cellular polycarbonate.

In the light of recent tragical events we consider it especially important to speak about places like Assembly, where underrepresented voices of artists and social minorities can be heard.
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Project: Assembly
Studio: ZVON studio
Staff: Maria Kremer, Timur Abilov, Daniil Narinsky, Sonya Korotkova
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia