Aqua Health Clinic


Waterfrom design believes in the simplicity and purity of water as a design principle, developing organic and flexible projects.

Aqua Health Clinic” is the new brand launched in Sanlitun, Beijing, which renews the vision of traditional Chinese medicine by removing the imagery of the old medicine cabinet and the smell of old herbs, replacing them with the innovations of cosmetics and the atmosphere of the spa.

It uses the medical principles of pulse diagnosis, medication and diet therapy to design specific treatments for tourists to relieve physical and mental fatigue. This place allows people to experience the contemporary culture of the five senses together through space, food and spa, and learn about the ancient cultivation of Chinese medicine inside and out. The circle of time between life and death that guides humanity in all its essence is the principle that Aqua Health Clinic has reflected upon, taking inspiration from British artist Damien Hirst, who throughout his career has studied the concept of temporal perception of animal species alongside the collective memory and sensations of contemporary civilisations.


PROJECT Aqua Health Clinic
ARCHITECT Waterfrom Design
LOCATION Sanlitun, Beijing
YEAR 2018