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Aldo Cibic and the Aesthetics of Vitality

Aldo Cibic, the renowned Italian designer, founding member of Memphis, will present and discuss his works at a fascinating exhibition held inside the ‘Savona 18 Suites’ boutique hotel, one of the designer’s most highly-esteemed projects, which was recently completed together with the Cibic workshop.

On this special occasion, in the internal spaces of the hotel, permanently decorated and fitted with furniture and accessories which he designed himself, Cibic will also exhibit various drawings, photographs and installations. Through this carefully-planned presentation of his works visitors will be able to learn about his artistic skills and sensibility focused on the ‘aesthetics of vitality’.
The pre-existing architectural elements and interior spaces of the Savona 18 Suites provide a scenic backdrop, which, in the exhibition spaces is enriched by additional elements. In this setting a special story is proposed through a variety of images, forms, colours and functions.
The exhibition will be located in four areas: the reception, the lobby, the Petit Café and the Garden 18 that will succeed one another in a fluid story, full of references and dialogues between different eras and genres.

Along with photographs and drawings by Aldo Cibic, the exhibition will present pieces from Memphis, which will allow us to glimpse the way in which the language of Cibic evolved; new and self-produced furnishings, such as the Pankina seat, the Ellissima modular bookcase or the Otto table; objects from the Standard collection; products designed for Paola C., Boffi Brothers, Venini, Slow Wood, Ghidini 1961 and Blumohito installations.In the Garden 18, the 310 sqm internal courtyard transformed with RODA sofas and armchairs in a large open air living room, will host some landscapes-installations by Blumohito, created specifically for the exhibition.