MAGIC CAVE by Marco Piva for CITCO

I’ve always been attracted to underground caves, built by gardeners more sophisticated and wise in shady and secluded corners of their own wonderful achievements. Mimicking the natural caves, these environments welcome inside them the visitors proposing vaults and walls build as if they had been excavated by the flow of water over the centuries. And water is part of the emotional equipment of every hypogean cave that is respects. You can stay long in these caves and you can enjoy the silence just interrupted by the dripping of the water, which penetrates through the vault or from the walls, or that flows from a small source. The external light is skillfully filtered by the sagging branches of ivy.

The idea of MAGIC CAVE was born from the memory of these environments of stone that envelops and generates water. A soft shape that unwinds in space and rewinds on itself, an “environment” conceived and designed to welcome, protect and regenerate the body through a gentle rain or a jet that gushes out to fill the body large bathtub at the base.

MAGIC CAVE is now a product born from a creative gesture that becomes form solid and active thanks to the millenary knowledge acquired by the masters more refined marble workers of CITCO company, who have been able to combine tradition and innovation. Thanks to the most refined and powerful technologies of marble processing.

Incredible robots carve the most complex shapes under careful guidance of the craftsmen who then, manually, refine the execution creating in end unique works. Concealed in the volume of stone, thanks to a unique hydraulic project in the of its kind, the water flows on command and gushes out surprisingly from the vault or from the walls: MAGIC CAVE is the result of the perfect combination of Man and machine: it’s pure emotion!

Marco Piva

Salone del Mobile Milano 2019 – CITCO Hall 24 – B 08