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Made for Poetic Life

Zoom Design takes on the soft design of the Sunac-Mogan Valley project, covering showroom, coffee, rooms of 50, 70 and 120 sq meters size.
As the first project of rural culture and tourism industry of SUNAC, Mogan Valley covers with some 680 acres unoccupied land in Wukangzhen Development Zone, Guozhao County, Deqing, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province. Nurturing the contemporary lifestyle with poetic and quaint Gangnan culture, this project meets the citizens’ needs of international modern life landscape.

The idea of living in harmony with life that Zoom Design bears is based on the harmony between people and others, nature, space and life, a kind of pure power without the limit of form or idea. Therefore, the designer is committed to build this coffee shop as a poetic space and homey residence.

Mogan Valley includes water bar, dining area, negotiation area, deck and other areas, providing infinite possibilities for residents’ daily life. The harmonious nature, rich humanities and colorful life constitute the media of the designer in creating the space and landscape.

From the perspective of Zoom Design, naturalism is born to be media between design and spirit.
Autumn symbolizes the joy of harvest, flowers and trees all over the hills are the gift from the nature. Endeavoring to build this space as a second space for live, we hope to form a new option for tourist destination through the spatial design and the change of outside landscape, letting the poetic space happen in this project.

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Location: Hangzhou, China
Architects: ZOOM DESIGN
Year: 2021
Design Team: Xianting Pan, Chen Jun, Yuling Liang, Yahui Zhou, Beiqi Liu,Pingping Xiong
Project Client: SUNAC
Photo: bmStudio