Design at the heart of learning

Il Prisma, international architecture and design firm, has designed POLIMI’s new headquarters in Milan on the Navigli neighbourhood, conceived down to the smallest detail to recreate an ideal balance for the in-presence and remote learning experience.
Capsules to isolate oneself in coaching sessions, hybrid, multifunctional and flexible classrooms for remote and in-presence lessons, informal atmospheres.
The result is a campus where inspiration, technological innovation and a human dimension of relationships come together to provide the best hybrid experience of in-presence and remote teaching.
The architectural vocabulary of the space relates to the context in which the building fits, evoking the informal atmospheres, with industrial and underground accents, of the Navigli.

The environmental branding – aimed at conveying a series of messages and value phrases to stimulate involvement and emphasise the brand’s new identity – was, in part, curated by Il Prisma. In particular, the inscriptions on the floor, such as those at the beginning and at the end of the metal staircase built ad hoc to enhance the sense of dynamism. Inside the Welcome area, to the left, a Led Wall communicates a whole range of content, from welcome messages to information on classrooms and lesson times.

The Capsules are one of the key spaces. Located on the second floor, they can be booked for isolation, a coaching session with a mentor in presence or remotely, or a self-assessment, supported by futuristic digital tools.
Multipurpose rooms are classrooms designed for maximum spatial, technological and functional flexibility, with the aim of offering the best learning experience, in presence and at a distance. Thanks to digital media and furniture, they are easily reconfigurable and can accommodate different teaching scenarios.

The ground and first floors are united by a fil-rouge of colours and materials, albeit mixed differently. The industrial appearance maintained by the presence of metal and visible installations is contrasted by the material warmth of wood and greenery.
The signage, designed ad hoc, is conceived to be as inclusive as possible, taking into account all types of disabilities: the main signage is flanked by Braille code indications and special signs for wheelchair users who may have a different perception of the space.
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Project: POLIMI, Milan Navigli
Studio: Il Prisma
Location: Milan, Italy
Year: 2022
Client: POLIMI Graduate School of Management
Project team: Giuseppe Carone, Arianna Palano, Ottavia Pelloni, Giacomo Rozzo, Davide Merlo, Annalisa Calastretti, Sabrina Sgarra, Matteo Gori, Roberto Malberti, Claudia Roggia, Matteo Redaelli, Monica Tengattini, Mauro Ferrario, Alessandra Reda, Michele Pini