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Zahara, a small late 19th century house transformed into a b&b


Zahara is a small late 1800s house located in the ancient estate of Piano Torre on the border between the Ibleo plateau and the Catania plain in a region criss-crossed and inhabited for many years by Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans and Spaniards. Zahara is immersed in a historic garden of citrus fruit and ancient olive trees, vineyards and prickly pears interspersed with new rows of exotic plants and aromatic bushes. The renovation of this farmhouse near Syracuse was handled by the young Sicilian architecture studio Analogique which has transformed it into contemporary and comfortable accommodation.

As part of a larger overall project that includes the remodelling and re-developing of all the buildings and external spaces closest to the structure itself, the sequence of interventions carried out concentrated mostly on the main building.
Zahara is a geological mixture, whose exterior is coated with a fine grain finish in the colours of Etna, the red of the Ghiara and Azolo black. A tower on top of the roof of the two-storey building was built with the material obtained from the excavations, necessary to level the rocks and obtain the horizontal base for the building.

A minimal grey birch wood veneer cladding is divided into sections and sheets in order to reconfigure the interior doors and a new system of fixed furniture in several key points along with the insertion of other elements from the entrance to the bedrooms through the salon and the distribution spaces. These sheets accompany and interact with the lines of movement, sometimes overlapping the colours of the rooms obtained by sampling the traces of colour found with enriched tones and embellished with new pigments. The white openings in the colours of the interior spaces tie the openings together and extend the size of the space towards new visual cross-sections of the rural landscape.

Designers: Claudia Cosentino, Dario Felice, Antonio Rizzo, in collaboration with Salvatore Interlandi.
Photos by Peppe Maisto
Building work and installations: Eterno&Grosso s.r.l.
Ironwork: Gandolfo s.r.l.
Carpentry: Esa arredamenti s.r.l.