When art is good

On the occasion of Open House Roma starting from 21 May 2022, it is possible to visit the video-photographic exhibition dedicated to the installation ‘Frammenti Urbani’ realised by architect Giuseppe Vultaggio in the studio of A. Gogò Communication Agnecy.
Through this work, the intention was to focus attention on the meaning of welcome with the desire to pay homage to all those who have contributed, in whatever form, to helping populations in difficulty.
For this reason, in exchange for a donation in favour of Save The Children Italy’s “Emergenza Ucraina” project, the original photos of the installation’s photographic project “Frammenti Urbani” will be given away.

“Frammenti Urbani” is a site-specific installation created on the roof of the A.Gogò agency building. The entire surface is covered by a composition of 15 irregular Fragments, creating a fragmented texture of reflections that aims to transfigure the image of the building and reinvent its relationship with the urban context.
Click on the following link to actively participate in the project through a donation.

Production: A.Gogò Communication Agency
Author: Giuseppe Vultaggio
Photography and Video: Francesco Cicconi and Federico Volpi
Press&Copy: Camilla Cacciamani