Villa Igiea

Located on the Gulf of Palermo, 2 km from the port and in a panoramic position, Villa Igiea Hotel is an accommodation facility of the Rocco Forte Hotel chain.

Owned by the Florio family, Villa Igiea was the favourite destination of Donna Franca, wife of Ignazio Florio, who used it both as a family villa and as a hotel to accommodate her many guests, including some of the most illustrious figures of the time. It was redesigned wherever possible by architect Ernesto Basile – one of the leading figures of Art Nouveau and Modernism of the time – and opened as a hotel in 1900.

Due to its fascinating history and the particularity of the structure, the project for Villa Igiea required a high level of involvement from APIR and a special effort at the design level to find a signage solution that combined the artistic and cultural heritage with the usability typical of high-end hotels.

The signage had to refer to the Art Nouveau-inspired style of the rooms but, at the same time, it was required to be functional so that guests could easily find all the services within the hotel. The biggest challenge was to provide guests with access to all services in a quick, effective and efficient manner, as is required of a modern, high-end facility.
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Photo credits: Valerio Colizzi