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This is our story of Happiness

It all started with a rather simple request from the client: an apartment as a transit base between business trips equipped with cheap furniture. However, thanks to the work of communication and design thinking studio ALTA IDEA has been able to transform it into a project ergonomic and full of color teaches you to live bolder. The designer Julia Baydyk decided to take the risk of seeing beyond the initial request and wisely understood how the space could be transformed into an apartment made to measure for the client and perceived it as “his apartment”. From that moment on, everything changed and the designer was given carte blanche to experiment with her ideas that eventually led to Happiness.

The rooms acquired their own resonance by demolishing the small walls that branched off the corridor. Part of the living room, which was too elongated in length, was converted into a dressing room. Similarly, it turned out to “carve out” a lounge area with a panoramic window, adding an element of integration with the outdoor space and a wide breath to the room. The space was therefore dressed in calm natural colors, while the common area is enlivened by interesting unusual colors along with custom-created “color spots” observing the client’s preferences and lifestyle. If the living room, kitchen and hallway look very cheerful, the bedroom, on the contrary, is elegant and romantic.

The design of the bedroom is perfectly combined with the rest of the space in the apartment, and at the same time it has a completely different atmosphere. Ammunition details such as the softness of the sofa were also personally chosen and tested by the designer. The client’s lifestyle inspired the designer to select damage-resistant, durable and high-quality materials. Therefore, a stone was purchased for the kitchen countertop, on which knives can be sharpened with sparks. Happiness thus stands out not only as an avant-garde project, but above all as an example of how communication between designer and client is the basis of high-level work.



Project name: HAPPINESS
Author: Julia Baydyk
Location: Kryukovshchina
Area: 55 m2
Year of completion: 2020
Instagram: @juliabaydyk