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Regus di Viale Cassala 57, a new smart working experience

Regus in Viale Cassala 57, Milan, is the new building created by the international architecture and design company Il Prisma for the Fasc Immobiliare competition, designed to be the place of post-pandemic rebirth, a magic box for smart working.

A space of 2,850 square metres, in a building with a total surface area of 4,000 square metres, with a large green area, a winter garden and a 110-square-metre business café right in front of the M2 Romolo stop in the city of Milan. Eight floors of customisable offices, with multidimensional environments designed for smart working.
A terrace on the third floor offers a conviviality area, as does the square on the ground floor, which also marks the entrance to the building.

The project highlights the need for connected and flexible design, concepts perfectly realised by the Milan-based company Il Prisma.
The building is the result of an unusual architectural solution, transformed into a sort of magic box that has expanded the existing structure, destined to be a public space, responding to the needs of the city and enhancing the quality of the new plug-in way of working, a true hybrid office between working from home and in the office.

“A living architecture, born of thought. Our method: first of all, we analyse the impact of the transformation on the lives of the people who will go to live in that building or who will live there when they pass by. In this narrative we started by highlighting the elements to be showcased. We want design to go beyond shapes. That’s why the ‘magic box’ is a simulacrum that serves the story, as if we had built the stage on which we write a life experience,” explains Stefano Carone, partner at Il Prisma, also hinting at post-Covid19 expectations.

“The strategy we have implemented is to focus on a portion of the property (lower floors) making this the most attractive and recognisable portion. All of this was done by taking advantage of the front garden, transforming it into a “room” open to the city,” says Sebastiano Pasculli, associate and team leader of Il Prisma.

Moreover, President Enore Facchini adds: “Fasc Immobiliare srl strongly believed in the property’s potential, knowing that – in terms of quality and positioning – it could represent a development model to be taken as a reference. It all started with a competition of ideas, open to professional operators, which had the fundamental value of broadening visions and stimulating discussion on a technical and economic level. This is a site that had failed to attract the attention of the market for some years. With the cooperation of our partners, the building has been brought back to life, while at the same time making a small contribution to the regeneration of the neighbourhood by creating a new green space open to the public.

This project is an example of change in the working environment, a trend that will increasingly come to the fore as the “owned” desk fades away, making room for new possibilities.


PROJECT Regus di Viale Cassala 57
YEAR 2021